Becky NRN’s Volunteer

When I was asked to write this, I was honoured because it was another chance for me to reflect and share…

“I already know I have condition which is mental, physical and spiritual. Therefore, all these elements have been important during this period of COVID 19. I have grown and developed during this time.

“Shortly before the lockdown in March I had just returned from a weekend retreat at Mount St Bernard’s Abbey, which I attend twice a year with like-minded friends. This gave me a good grounding for embracing what was to follow.

“I set myself a timetable, I continued with my daily readings and journal. Family highlighted not being able to get their hair cut, restricted times of being able to go out, and finding new hobbies and skills during lock down. This just reminded me of rehab and recovery. I smugly felt I had an advantage.

“I competed practical tasks such as DIY, attended fellowship meetings on Zoom and the structured one hours going out gave me the opportunity to socialise with people I did not normally speak with much in my neighbourhood. When restrictions came in I met with people in recovery socialising and appreciating the open air and mutual aid.

“I discovered new walks and parks that I had not known before. Regular supervision from NRN was great for routine and my personal development. I love the groups I attend at NRN and have loved the opportunities of volunteering.

“I completed a level 2 counselling concepts course, supported others, and am studying on the level 3 teaching adults in education course.

“Then something powerful, cunning and baffling happened.

“Change. My course finished and I was experiencing emotions around a relationship or rather my own unrecognised emotions. I was complacent and arrogant thinking that my reduced meetings to one a week were enough. My journal was becoming repetitive and based on emotion I brought a bottle of wine. I did not phone anyone beforehand but did phone my friend and with support managed to get rid of the bottle of wine.

“I feel relieved and grateful that I am here now, not drinking with all the opportunities I have and I’m experiencing. I realise the importance of keeping things simple. I took a step back for to experience this and that is invaluable. I believe there is a saying don’t forget to smell the flowers. There is also a saying don’t play with fire.

“Consistency is clearly important to me and NRN, supporting others, creative writing group and now the other groups I am involved in, fellowship meetings and beyond are all there throughout.

“I feel for those who are isolated, in domestic violence situations, whose mental health has been affected.

“I have been given a great tool box I am so glad I can use it.

“So glad to be able to use it. So glad I can be aware of potential cracks. Taking the opportunity to mend them with gold and be part of this recovery with you.”

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