Drugs Recovery Case Management Team

Recovery Case Management (DRUGS) provides tailored ongoing assessment and formulation of prescribing and psychosocial needs of patients with dependent drug misuse.  This will invariably mean that patients are daily dependent on their drug of choice, whether its illicit street bought heroin, crack, and amphetamine or over the counter (OTC) medications. If appropriate prescribing options will be discussed, and the medical team or a non-medical prescriber will agree a prescribing regimen together with the patients key worker.

All patients will be allocated a key worker who will be their go to person to agree a recovery care plan.  The plan will look at lots of aspects of your life, not only your drug use, in order to support a strong foundation for recovery. Regular recovery check-ups will followed up by your key worker and signposting to and liaison with other services where agreed. Patients will need to give consent for our team to liaise with their GP. Patients should be aware that their information will be kept confidential in all cases unless there any safeguarding concerns.

We have many patients that have had very difficult lives, and what appear to be insurmountable problems that they have overcome, and now live productive and healthy lives.

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