Community rehabilitation

Through our Community Rehabilitation Programme we are able to support recovery in the community in a variety of different ways.

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Accessing support when and how you need it

Structured Day Programme

This programme is a recovery-focused treatment programme offering an alternative to residential rehabilitation, with the additional benefits of being able to join a thriving recovery rehabilitation community.

Clients follow a set daily structure, attending recovery-focused workshops and groups, accessing Peer Support, and participating in fun and engaging social/leisure activities along with holistic therapies and community engagement.

Clients are supported to go into the community to access services, guided trips and community projects, and to learn essential skills at Skills Plus sessions delivered at Café Sobar (in Nottingham City Centre).

After completion of the structured day programme, clients are supported to find progression pathways most suited to their needs and interests.  This includes Individual Placement Support to find employment opportunities as well as accessing the Academy Learning Programme, and learning to become a Peer Mentor or progress to other volunteering opportunities.

Structured Day Programme

Individual Pathway

This pathway enables clients to access a large variety of groups, including:

  • Holistic therapy and wellbeing sessions
  • Structured treatment sessions
  • Recovery workshops
  • Skills Plus sessions
  • Community organisations/project support groups
  • Activities and guided trips
  • Social/leisure groups and activities (such as creative writing, gardening, arts and crafts).

The above activities are available across various sites including the Wellbeing Hub and Café Sobar in Nottingham City Centre, along with other Recovery Community Sites.

There is also the opportunity to link with community Mutual Aid groups and access Café Sobar’s programme of events.

Individuals on this pathway can speak to their Key Worker about which groups or sessions are best suited to their recovery journey and agree on a bespoke plan. This could be a mixture of everything available and the plan can change as needed.

There is also the option to relax in one of the safe spaces at the Wellbeing Hub’s Open Access area, or attend events at Café Sobar and become part of a thriving recovery rehabilitation community, meeting other people experiencing a similar journey.

The Individual Pathway is choice-led, and participants can choose an approach most suitable for them.

Individual Pathway

The Academy

The Academy is a hub where people in recovery can connect with others who have lived through similar experiences. It provides learning, training and volunteering opportunities to empower individuals to sustain their recovery, find purpose and enjoy bright and meaningful lives.


The Academy Connect+ course is a Level 1 Accredited Learning Programme focusing on all aspects of self-development, which clients can then apply in their everyday lives. Upon completion, clients can then progress to the Peer Mentoring Accredited Learning Programme.

Peer Mentoring

This is a more intensive programme of learning accredited to Level 2, and it teaches clients how to become Peer Mentors or Recovery Support Volunteers – both positive role models of recovery who have a presence across the service.

The Academy also provides an opportunity to get back into education in an individualised and supported way. Clients can access Maths, English and digital skills support in a way that suits their own needs and abilities.

The Academy supports clients in a planned way as part of their recovery and learning journey. The team can support progression into volunteering roles within the service or in the community, and access to Further or Higher Education opportunities in the community.

The Academy students will be encouraged to be part of our local recovery rehabilitation community.

The Academy

One-to-One Peer Support

Nottingham Recovery Network Clients can access one-to-one support from our Recovery Connectors or Recovery Support Volunteers (who all have first-hand experience of substance use and recovery).

Support can include the following:

  • Regular check-in calls
  • Meeting up for a coffee
  • Helping you achieve your recovery goals
  • Supporting you in attending appointments and engaging in recovery groups and activities
  • Facilitating access to external mutual aid
  • Supporting you to engage with community projects and activities.

To access one-to-one Peer Support you already need to be supported by NRN in some way. You can speak to your Key Worker if you think this type of support would be of benefit to you.

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